The economicist in me.

The Gruedorf Widget!
The Gruedorf Widget!

Why are “widgets” called “widgets”? Really?

That’s rhetorical, don’t answer that. 

This weekend my main task was the creation of this Yahoo! Widget, showing the current 10 competitors in the gruedorf competition.  I’d’ve posted on Sunday, but I was hoping it’d be actually reviewed and accepted into the Yahoo! Widgets Gallery, but apparently they’re at least a fortnight behind as of this posting.

As this widget displays, I was almost 2 hours late for this week’s entry.  Due both to the delay in posting and to my working my buttocks off at work lately.  Yay for buttlessness!

Get the Gruedorf Widget Here.

Get Yahoo! Widgets Here.  (necessary to use.  Also: neat.)

This experience in particular made me realize that online documentation without inline examples of use are inferior to forms of documentation that have runnable examples alongside their functions and objects doc pages.  There’s nothing more frustrating than finding out you were interpreting docs in a linguistically valid, but contextually invalid, way.

Or, put more succinctly by Zeromus:

Docs without examples are worthless


In other weekend events, I helped Hyptosis set up a new webpage, I helped Zeromus get verge 3 running on the Wii some, added more testing infrastructure to vrpg’s beta site, and made the working copy of The Sully Chronicles more stable.

So that’s all neat, too!

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