The Gruedorf Challenge begins.

Perceptive for a 15 year old.So one of the concepts I’ve been mulling over for the past… few years… is how big detailed maps aren’t awesome. They’re tedious to play through and slow down development. I’ve left in the old Castle Alden that’s never been used officially since it’s probably getting redone in about 1/8th the totaly area. At any rate, feel free to wander around the Aldencia Castle that never will be. Also, the observant will notice that this is running off of a Sully codebase with some very minor alterations (mainly to the textbox’s layout parameters), and with a few interesting additions to the new ./vc/sots/ directory. The underlying idea behind those files, should you look, is that there’ll be a “library” function where you can review any book you’ve read in-game in your menu, and see your book completion numbers for an area. It’s the little, stupid, things that make this fun for me.

The babyfaced prince gets even cuter… maybe

New onam vs old onam.One of the other simplification deals I’m running is a more Lufia 2 and/or Robotrek inspired character design. I’m still on the wall about this one because I don’t plan on remaking all of the tilesets, and because I still haven’t worked out a clean version of the animation that I’m pleased with. Here’s a look at the new vs old.

Excuses, excuses.

I’m going to be a little slow at first because I’m very interested in making some better dev tools than the ones at my disposal. I’m very interested in Ioachim’s platform agnostic maped, as well as other primitive web-based solutions. I’m also finishing up Breadbrother’s new website (not up as of this writing), so I won’t be dumping massive amounts of time into this challenge for a bit.

Oh, right…

Here’s the insanely delayed 4th SotS demo! Notice how it has less game than the third, the only interaction you have is with stairs, doors, and bookcases, and if you leave the castle it unceremoniously crashes! Enjoy!

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