Tragedy Due to Lethes.

Tragedy Due to Lethes.



So, after doing a whole bunch of stuff (my first week at a new job in Silicon Valley, getting up during the morning every day, saving humanity from demon-alien nazis, etc etc) I started doing some minor fleshing-out work, adding some “local color” to one of the completed maps that won’t need major changes: Amaxis city. This whole idea of adding linear progress was Andy’s, as he has a variation on the time-vested:time-used formula I came up with many years ago to justify these endeavors.

Anyways, I converted a bunch of old sprites to v3 entities, and then scripted them out in the vc.

Then I loaded it up, it compiled fine, and as I walked into the town: whoops. I forgot that I broke my local maped3 weeks ago and haven’t fixed it yet.

If only I were a gangsta. Then I could feel good.

I totally need to do some swoll gruedorf next week in the form of repairing maped3 some. It’s obvious I’m corrupting my mapsaves in some minor, but annoying, way.

On the other side, please note I’m physically in California now, and this is the second post done via remote desktop into my computer in Austin TX. Locally it’s 11:47pm on Sunday, Dec 16th. I SO DO NOT LOSE. :D

…Ahem. Carry on.

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