Tuning Canvas Javascript in Firefox 4

My friend Kevin took an interest in why SpriteRight was performing so poorly in Firefox 4, since it has hardware acceleration.

So after cracking open his profile and bothering the firefox developers themselves a bit (Kevin takes his debugging seriously) he found that my tilesheet was stupidly formed: it was over 20,000 pixels long and so was much, much larger than a texture can be on a modern video card. This was forcing the renderer to always be in software rendering mode.

When I was dumping the data out of verge, this was not something I was thinking about.

So, at his suggestion, I made the tileset filmstrip into a more traditional atlas-style spritesheet, and after a few nips and tucks in the engine, rendering speed went from less than 10 FPS to over 70 fps on firefox 4! Yay!

(Firefox 3 gained nothing. Boo.)

Anyways, that was all well and good, until Kevin tried toggling the obstruction layer’s visibility. At which point FF4 dropped back to 10fps. This made no sense to me, because the marginal cost of rendering that layer would’ve been another 33% (it basically just added another layer to the renderer).

The trick was the obs layer rendered using the ‘lighter’ compositeOperation, which was causing the dramatic slowdown, even on accelerated cards. I’ve opted to turn that off for now.

Thanks for the help, Kevin!

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