Verge-rpg 3.0 cometh

Gruedorf: Verge-rpg 3.0 cometh

It’s both Something New
and Something Blue.

Quite a while ago I commissioned (as in paid) Evilbob for a new more-betterer version of vrpg. I’ve lately gotten around to start implementing it. Hooray.

You can go view it over at

I’m aiming to do away with the evil login/session error and provide a more reliable upload system. Amoung other things.

The new system is built upon cakePHP on the backend, providing a pleasant MVC framework for me to focus on actual controlling and display logic instead of shouldering the retarded parts of a website’s overhead myself. On the javascript side I’ll be leaning heavily upon the YUI, which has already made my life a lot saner.

My goals include making this mofo render sanely on IE6 and up, FF2 and up, and the current versions of Opera and Safari (I have a bit of work to go towards these goals). When the user, board, file, and documentation functionality is in the new version and working better than the current live version, I’ll bring everything from beta over to the live site, and retire the Old Ways.

The beta site is currently hooked up to the real data, so you can login and see how newsposts currently render, but I’m still very early on into this implementation. So yeah.

subversion, gdorf 19.

The source for this experiment is in As of this posting we’re at r39.

Now it’s time to go eat some delicious steak!

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