webapps galore.

  • Added team and role access filtering for forums.
  • Added custom sorting to forums.
  • Added some style to forum pre’s.
  • Fixed the 404 rendering.
  • Fixed registration so passwords are encrypted in the database.
  • Added delete/undelete links in post rendering for forum_admins… but not for custom forum mods/admins or the actual ability to delete/undelete threads.
  • Refactored how messages are rendered and how forum/thread/message permissions are calculated.
  • Did some ground work for private/team forums.
  • Set up a schema for testing said forums, and testing posting in general.
  • Tightened behavior of trying to post when not logged in.
  • Fixed login redirect behavior. Twice.

One day I’ll get back to making games, instead of infrastructure for games. Honest. ;)

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