Harvest Sole.

This week’s update brings base item spawning, item deletion, and the base dialogs for interacting with characters (ie, quest givers).

Next up is actually filling in the game content.

(Maaan, I should work more than an hour a week on this. I need more time)

More ways to combine things, refactoring.

At the all-night SHDH last weekend I added more tools to the mix and started in on some necessary helper functionality, most important of which is the ability to add items to your inventory programatically. (previously your starting inventory was only in the markup, and items could only be converted, never created.)

Next up is base item spawning (an unending supply of rocks, water, and cats!) and a trashbin.

https://github.com/mcgrue/Harvest-Soul to check out the goods.

Smashing success

Adding some features to harvest soul (mainly, the pickaxe slot.)

Fixed some bugs.

Next up is making the main inventory more dynamically generated (at present all of the starting inventory is actually in the html itself.)

https://github.com/mcgrue/Harvest-Soul to check out the goods.


Today’s gruedorf entry comes in the form of two hours where Jeff Lindsay and I codecasted the beginnings of a webhook system on top of dropbox.

You can watch this!

Watch live streaming video from progrium at livestream.com

Hopefully I’ll have some awesome screenshots of Harvest Soul for #screenshotsaturday, too. Also Kildorf will be on my couch this weekend, so there’s that!


So, I’m working on a vertical demo: a semi-polished section of a game to see if it is, in fact, any fun.

This game needs a bit of art. And Sophia sadly is being hammered at her workplace, so she wasn’t as available as she hoped.

This left me to do the prototype art.

It’s been a while since I manually arted.

Here is my artings:

The original scan, done on 1" grid paper.
The final icons (48x48), colored in photoshop via Hue/Saturation "colorize".

…oh, how the mighty have fallen. ;(