A blast from the past

A blast from the past Onam, you nerd. A lot of what SotS is to me currently is an echo of an echo of what it used to be. It’s been many, many years since I had the whole thing in my head. At best I think of it in broad strokes now. So I […]


Guards! It’s the po-po. I’ve decided that the testing and systems-shoring-up need to be done on the sully side of things, and that my SotS efforts should be directed towards making some playable demoage. Towards this end I pulled together my favorite versions of sprites from the previous build and have been upgrading them. Today’s […]

Anti-ninja Parade

Anti-ninja Parade. Dance, varmints! I finished up Erikk, basing his cape’s folding animation on the up-walk on the FF6-style cape-crinkling. Hey, capes are hard and ff6 did a good job with it. I HAVE NO REGRETS! After a bit of spriting it was time to prepare the makefiles.         Some lessons re-learned […]

A little sprite music.

Gruedorf: A little sprite music. Spritastic! A bit more work on Erikk has come into being. I spend way too much time on someone so monochromatic, but what can I say? I’m gay for the little guy. I’m also showing the now lower contrast tanata-hair to people. Y’all seemed to disagree with the previous version, […]

Dance magic dance

Dance magic dance. The prince goes marching one by one. hurrah! hurrah! Today I completed the first version of the third major revision of Prince Onam Alden. That’s right: Onam 3.0. Unless you start counting at the recolored version of Edgar Figaro, in which case this is 4.0. In either case, here he is: lower […]

Tragedy Due to Lethes.

Tragedy Due to Lethes. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh! So, after doing a whole bunch of stuff (my first week at a new job in Silicon Valley, getting up during the morning every day, saving humanity from demon-alien nazis, etc etc) I started doing some minor fleshing-out work, adding some “local color” to one of the completed maps that […]

Airport Edition.

Airport Edition. Seriously, can that be any brighter? Last week’s entry was only a bare minimum of an hour’s work, the lion’s share spent on properly reforming the sully SVN so I could work on a branch while keeping the trunk sane. Thes lesson there is that infrastructure work is worth noting, and worth doing… […]

a hint of things to come!

a hint of things to come! The third ontaran cave map.Now with less garish colors! I wanted to keep what I was going for recently with SotS under my hat until it was fully finished. However, in the debate over implementing it the hard, but possible, way or the better, but needs-engine-work way, I chose […]

…or full of myself!

…or full of myself! A view of maped3 showing the obs.click to biggify Okay, so in keeping with tradition, as soon as I make a boastful claim of future work, I of course don’t get to complete it. However, since I have many years of experience with this sort of phenomenon, I kept the boastful […]

Short post, green thumb

Short post, green thumb Fenslyd Holy Mountain:Now duochromatic! Today’s post is way shorter than I planned. But rather than be a twat and whine, here’s new (albeit more mundane than I was planning) work. This update mainly shows the fruit of several hours after I posted last sunday’s entry, wherein I decided to make the […]