Battle A-go-go

Battle A-go-go   Woo, technology. So here’s some of the fancy shenanegans I’ve been up to lately with Gayo on Sully. I’ve been working on putting the render stack under test to hunt down some obscure bugs and mystery crashes, and that’s been going nicely. Lesson learned: FreeImage on a bad index is bad… so […]

One day there’ll be pretty things again.

One day there’ll be pretty things again… So, here’s what I did this week: Fixed the battle selection code. There were problems with the selectmap’s setup that were causing terrible, horrible, really bad problems. I was afraid it was a much more complicated problem than it ended up being. Go team venture! Clearing up this […]

Saga of the Sully?

Saga of the Sully? Today’s update on the ongoing adventure of SotS’s creation takes us to The Sully Chronicles. …What? For about three years now I’ve been planning on basing the SotS Battle System off of the one that I’ve been working on for The Sully Chronicles. Unfortunately, the Sully Chronicles battle system was 1) […]