Busy beaver

So, in addition to finishing out the core functionality for the new forums and finishing out the registration/email confirmation/email welcome process, I also managed to wipe out verge-rpg.com for about a day and a half! It’s awesome what a poorly formed query can do. Anyways, a database restore, 60 emails, and 8 more hours of […]

Short post, green thumb

Short post, green thumb Fenslyd Holy Mountain:Now duochromatic! Today’s post is way shorter than I planned. But rather than be a twat and whine, here’s new (albeit more mundane than I was planning) work. This update mainly shows the fruit of several hours after I posted last sunday’s entry, wherein I decided to make the […]

Map Happy

Map Happy Fenslyd? Well, at least it’s google unique… I ended up doing far more than I was planning on today. It started off with my desire to show off the Alden Mountain range. This plan didn’t survive long because as I attempted over and over to convert the map, well, maped 3 just plain […]