My greatest work…

Adolf Hitler? That guy was such a Deutschbag. –Ben McGraw Yeah, it’s pretty much all downhill from here… I had this as my gtalk status line for a while, too.  A co-worker was a bit apprehensive that I’d have the insensitivity to use “Hitler” in anything remotely visible and associated with me from work.  This […]

Gruedorf turns 1, cake absent.

This week’s advancements in the field of gruedorfery mainly lie in the iPhone side of things for me. Rusty and I creep ever closer to the end goal of shipping an iPhone game. We’re working, if it’s not clear, upon a sokoban clone to start with, and will progress to add features to our engine […]

The once and future blog

I’ve finally resurrected This here’s a rough custom shell of a site using the find framework from over at CakePHP. I’ve only been using their stuff for a week, and I have a bit yet to familiarize myself with, but it seems a fairly handy framework. The trick, as with any framework, is familiarity. […]