Split-Testing and Late-Night Coding

When testing a feature wrapped in a spiffy-keen augmentation of an experiment system live, please remember to take into account that you have a 50% chance to land in the “nothing happens” side of the experiment. This will probably save you a lot of trouble.

IMVU is 3d avatar chat; it’s also a pride-inducing piece of software engineering.

Guy whose “About me” page says “I currently work full time on my blog” mocked the place I work for not being a cure for cancer.

Battle A-go-go

Battle A-go-go   Woo, technology. So here’s some of the fancy shenanegans I’ve been up to lately with Gayo on Sully. I’ve been working on putting the render stack under test to hunt down some obscure bugs and mystery crashes, and that’s been going nicely. Lesson learned: FreeImage on a bad index is bad… so […]