You have the right. To fight. For your…

…okay, no, I won’t finish that. Today’s a bit on the lame side. I fleshed out the remaining forum features in tests that fail, and made several go green. The ones that went green all pertain to the visibility of forum features to admins and the invisibility of said features to non-admins. Exciting, eh? revision […]


0d 0h1m?! I totally have done more on vrpg: the message boards are now semi-operational. And stuff.

Waste the Haste.

Brief post. At the office at the moment hacking on my hack week project. More than an hour of gruedorfing, however, has happened. Basically I hooked up and cleaned up a bunch of vc, so now is connected to (the sand cave), and (the dwarf town). Oh yeah. There’s a cave and […]

The animatining!

And so it goes… This week’s entry is another lightweight one, finishing up the animation of the new Proto-Onam (Pronam?). Onam’s finally got the quarter-cape he’s always wanted, and a asymmetrical sprite to boot. Hooray! The great move ends So I now am in my new apartment in Mountain View, California. It took like, six […]

Terse tale from the road.

Retrieved and updated roobarb and reverse-engineered it’s xml format to test the old “new” onam animation, and used the tool to diagnose and fix it. And all this from the back seat of a stationary rental car in a denny’s parking lot in Wooster, Mass at a late hour. VERY SUSPICIOUS. check the svn for […]