Obscured References

This whole conundrum is a non-issue in the modern world of programming, what with fancy objects and classes and types.

Another fortnight…

This week I got a demo running on an iPhone emulator of a tile engine. Tiles render, you can scroll across the map, tap and/or double-tap on a tile to access information associated with it, and draw text. Whee. I did this with the assistance of Rusty Larner from work, while pairing in my living […]

HUD’s Up! (oooh, redundantish.)

HUD’s Up! (oooh, redundantish.) Bet you didn’t know there was gonna be tools… other than me, that is. :( Today’s Gruedorf update is all about the game’s heads-up display. I’ve been meaning to implement this for years now, but I’ve been putting it off continuously. The Astrad is inspired heavily by Wild Arms and Lufia […]

The Rendtest Cometh.

The Rendtest Cometh. …and technology! It’s that time again, entry 002 into the gruedorf challenge. Things have picked up in this challenge, with ragamuffin me-tooers joining left and right. Of course… none of them get top billing because they are neither ‘grue nor ‘dorf. Or using verge, for that matter. Tsk, tsk. Well… maybe we […]