vrpg beta work continues…

I’ve mainly been dealing with code concerning the files section.  I’ve improved the quality of the upload process, corrected the file lineage graph and made strides towards a saner system, have made it so you can comment upon file entries, and made it so anyone can upload screenshots of any file. Also I made an […]

PHP, Language of Mystery

PHP seems so arbitrary sometimes. function test_nine() { $$”9″ = 22; } fails to parse. (which is good, I suppose) This passes: function test_nine() { $n = 9; $$n = 22; $this->assertEqual($$n, 22); } -Andy Friesen, of giant-communist-robots.com.

PHP5, you king of bastards (setting an instance member inside a static class call)

If I’m in an instanced class, and I call another class’s method statically inside of a method in the first class, and that static method should happen to (erroneously) have $this->whatever inside of it… …it sets $whatever on my outer instanced class. Here’s some illustrative code: <?     class Inner_Static {         function burrito() {             $this->_member = ‘A keyboard. How quaint.’;         }     }     class Outer_Instance {         function taco() {             Inner_Static::burrito(); […]

Simple scripts always ship.

Simple needs, simple deeds. A need for a simple one-off occurred Monday evening at work. Some non-engineer coworkers needed to be shown how to make some non-Latin-1 text into html entities. Basically, they needed a 5 line php script. Right before sending them to any number of sites that already do this 5-line operation, I […]

Do Not Google That! (dot com)

Oh, and a fair word of warning to those looking to do additional research: Do not Google “oily sweat wrestling men.” Just don’t do it. Some things can’t be unseen.

Two Days of Hell

Hell truly is revisiting old, crufty code made by yourself.