Clocks and Art.

  Arting! To the left you will find animated versions of the main character from Rusty Larner and my Sokoban clone for the iPhone. This is heavily, amazingly, tremendously inspired by a 16×16 sprite named “bobo” made by Jon “evilbob” Wofford back in the early v3 days. I gained his permission to derive a work […]

Jujube, I hardly knew ye!

Jujube, I hardly knew ye! So many pretty layers! So, today I finished Station 3 of Jujube, added two layers of waterfall to the entire map, hooked up the installed Esk’s Bridge. This bridge has a long and sordid story, the history of which you’ll need to read Esk’s post for and then my comment […]

Mounting piles of Mountain

Mounting piles of Mountain Darin looking wistfully into the distance I continued on station three of the ne Mount Jujube for Sully. More tilework, laying down everything but the bridge (which esk will be doing) the waterfall, and the exit plateau. Put in some parallaxing background, because mountain zones need effing paralaxing background, I’m going […]

Dot dot dot (ellipsis!)

Dot dot dot (ellipsis!) I hate everything.Especially you I spent 8 hours on Saturday trying to get paypal all working with cakePHP for after zara made an ultimatum to me. C’est la vie. The fun news was there was a segfault in php5, so I attempted to update it via apt-get. Long story short, […]


Guards! It’s the po-po. I’ve decided that the testing and systems-shoring-up need to be done on the sully side of things, and that my SotS efforts should be directed towards making some playable demoage. Towards this end I pulled together my favorite versions of sprites from the previous build and have been upgrading them. Today’s […]

A little sprite music.

Gruedorf: A little sprite music. Spritastic! A bit more work on Erikk has come into being. I spend way too much time on someone so monochromatic, but what can I say? I’m gay for the little guy. I’m also showing the now lower contrast tanata-hair to people. Y’all seemed to disagree with the previous version, […]

Jesus saves. Shouldn’t you?

Jesus saves. Shouldn’t you? One of the distracting animations! Annoyingly, I did the classic digital-age noob error around thursday. Namely: I didn’t save my work and blew it away. See, I was helping a friend of mine animate some stuff for her RPGMaker game (like the charming tit-squeezing victory animation you see here), and in […]

Dance magic dance

Dance magic dance. The prince goes marching one by one. hurrah! hurrah! Today I completed the first version of the third major revision of Prince Onam Alden. That’s right: Onam 3.0. Unless you start counting at the recolored version of Edgar Figaro, in which case this is 4.0. In either case, here he is: lower […]