Obscured References

This whole conundrum is a non-issue in the modern world of programming, what with fancy objects and classes and types.

Battle A-go-go

Battle A-go-go   Woo, technology. So here’s some of the fancy shenanegans I’ve been up to lately with Gayo on Sully. I’ve been working on putting the render stack under test to hunt down some obscure bugs and mystery crashes, and that’s been going nicely. Lesson learned: FreeImage on a bad index is bad… so […]

Clamfest 2008!

Clamfest 2008! Although this isn’t all I’ve done in the last week, I’ll focus on Sully. I’m tired, so I’ll just recap from the SVN logs. Here’s a selection of entries I made in the last week, from revision 108 to revision 143 (most of those are mine, some are Gayo.) Fixed the queueing problems. […]

Sully Battle Updates.

Sully Battle Updates Too tired right now to give a full dissertation on the week’s productivity. So instead I’ll comb through the week’s Sully SVN commits and post the notable ones. Supersorry. Fixed the sprite parser, removing (hopefully) all tab literals. Updated the battle hud so that the HP/MP bars worked. Fixing bugs in the […]

Another fortnight…

This week I got a demo running on an iPhone emulator of a tile engine. Tiles render, you can scroll across the map, tap and/or double-tap on a tile to access information associated with it, and draw text. Whee. I did this with the assistance of Rusty Larner from work, while pairing in my living […]

Better off dea… late.

Better off dead late. A wild screenshot approaches!(click to embiggen) I didn’t mean to let this post get so late. almost five days now. My ever-tardy master nemesis Kildorf, who is of this writing 41 days tardy must be sapping my will to be punctual. I might have to choose a new enemy! glambourine looks […]

ah, crap.

I took monday off from work to sleep. And so I thought tonight was posting night. Ha… whoops. 20 hours late. On verge3 I’ve been working on making a verge.cfg variable to specify an optional subdirectory that your maps and map vc can live in, so as not to clutter up the root directory. In […]

One day there’ll be pretty things again.

One day there’ll be pretty things again… So, here’s what I did this week: Fixed the battle selection code. There were problems with the selectmap’s setup that were causing terrible, horrible, really bad problems. I was afraid it was a much more complicated problem than it ended up being. Go team venture! Clearing up this […]

Things I’ve done this week

Things I’ve done this week I added 4 new ways for fucntions to be called in verge3: trigger.onStep, trigger.afterStep, trigger.beforeEntityScript, and trigger.afterEntityScript. They are neat, and explained in detail in a news post and a new docs page. Updated Sully using trigger.onStep so in battle zones every step you take decrements the counter until the […]

Sparse post #3

For the third time in a row we’ve got a very dull posting! Boo! But that doesn’t mean I wasn’t productive! Scanning the svn logs shows an assload of work, including adding a massive amount of scripting into jujube (Lance’s mountain cutscene stuff and the seal of evil) as well as map tweaking, some cleanup […]