Carried away.

Another postlet: Instead of composing a big old fancy blog entry, i sorta got sucked into coding of various kinds. Been at this chunk of work for almost a full workday in hours now. Some people play videogames for fun. I work on a decade-old tech demo. First item: I added a seperate windowsize verge.cfg […]

The big rock candy mountain had nothing

The big rock candy mountain had nothing on Jujube… Top o’ the world, ma! Today’s magnificent exploits bring us to the end of the first phase of Mt. Jujube’s renovation. I completed the summit, linked up the doorways, and added a new bit of parallax for the summit’s area. This all required a little bit […]

Jujube, I hardly knew ye!

Jujube, I hardly knew ye! So many pretty layers! So, today I finished Station 3 of Jujube, added two layers of waterfall to the entire map, hooked up the installed Esk’s Bridge. This bridge has a long and sordid story, the history of which you’ll need to read Esk’s post for and then my comment […]

Mounting piles of Mountain

Mounting piles of Mountain Darin looking wistfully into the distance I continued on station three of the ne Mount Jujube for Sully. More tilework, laying down everything but the bridge (which esk will be doing) the waterfall, and the exit plateau. Put in some parallaxing background, because mountain zones need effing paralaxing background, I’m going […]

Dot dot dot (ellipsis!)

Dot dot dot (ellipsis!) I hate everything.Especially you I spent 8 hours on Saturday trying to get paypal all working with cakePHP for after zara made an ultimatum to me. C’est la vie. The fun news was there was a segfault in php5, so I attempted to update it via apt-get. Long story short, […]

Saga of the Sully?

Saga of the Sully? Today’s update on the ongoing adventure of SotS’s creation takes us to The Sully Chronicles. …What? For about three years now I’ve been planning on basing the SotS Battle System off of the one that I’ve been working on for The Sully Chronicles. Unfortunately, the Sully Chronicles battle system was 1) […]