Gruedorf: the Swampening

Between putting in incredible hours at work, and a few Magic: the Gathering pre-release events in the last week, I haven’t had much time for gruedorfing. However, I still got 14 commits in.  (All of them Friday morning.) The work done was all in finalizing the /downloads/complete-new-os/ page, and tracking down and fixing errors that […]

Simpletest, Simple Lessons

Learn these lessons, fair reader, so that you may not stub thy code-toe upon SimpleTest!

Verge-rpg 3.0 cometh

Gruedorf: Verge-rpg 3.0 cometh It’s both Something New and Something Blue. Quite a while ago I commissioned (as in paid) Evilbob for a new more-betterer version of vrpg. I’ve lately gotten around to start implementing it. Hooray. You can go view it over at I’m aiming to do away with the evil login/session error […]


Tacos Unsettle deliberate banana-farm elitist monster bone. Disgusting foodstuff edible taco taco burrito not because good word thing. Er, wait. A little discombobulated. Today’s update is a low water mark for myself consisting of a new chr which is just a recolored semi-spoiler and some scant tests for the sully system. svn download Oh my […]