Smash and Edit

Smash and Edit Pushing things around is fun!(click image to biggify) This week’s gruedorf challenge is a day late but at least 19.95 over. First up is a prototype of the reason I put in the entity collision event: A block-pushing demonstration! While it’s not quite “there”, I’m amused by the demo. I expected to […]

If you should strike me down…

If you should strike me down… don’t eat the yellow tile. So, I just added a global entity colission trigger to verge 3. If you set the global string trigger.onEntityCollide equal to a vc function, whenever an entity runs into an obstruction that function will be called. It sets the following variables: event.tx and event.ty […]

ah, crap.

I took monday off from work to sleep. And so I thought tonight was posting night. Ha… whoops. 20 hours late. On verge3 I’ve been working on making a verge.cfg variable to specify an optional subdirectory that your maps and map vc can live in, so as not to clutter up the root directory. In […]

Things I’ve done this week

Things I’ve done this week I added 4 new ways for fucntions to be called in verge3: trigger.onStep, trigger.afterStep, trigger.beforeEntityScript, and trigger.afterEntityScript. They are neat, and explained in detail in a news post and a new docs page. Updated Sully using trigger.onStep so in battle zones every step you take decrements the counter until the […]

Carried away.

Another postlet: Instead of composing a big old fancy blog entry, i sorta got sucked into coding of various kinds. Been at this chunk of work for almost a full workday in hours now. Some people play videogames for fun. I work on a decade-old tech demo. First item: I added a seperate windowsize verge.cfg […]

v3 for you, v3 for me!

To make a new vergec function: Step 1. You must create a C function to actually implement your new vc function’s logic. The naming convention is vc_NAMEofYOURnewFUNCTION, and convention says to put it in vc_builtins.cpp. If you’re returning a string, you will want to alter the std::string variable vc->vcretstr within your new function. If you’re […]