gruedorf maintenence

This week’s update is not sexy game development, but website maintenance. I fixed problems on vrpg concerning inefficient database queries (a specific query was getting hammered too much and was better replaced with a non-db code-defined data structure), updated the files page (static content) to point to the current verge executables, and started debugging problems […]

.2 more cake!

In direct defiance of what I said I wouldn’t do a scant month ago, I’m currently converting the codebase from cakephp 1.1 to 1.3. Why? Because I’m sick of dealing with the anachronisms from the original library. When I built pingpawn in 1.3 natively, every new feature effortlessly flowed into being. That’s the sort […]

Galleries finished.

This week brought editing of individual gallery pages, rss for newest screenshots uploaded, and a fancy random-image-rotating box on the front page of Go over there to check it out.

VERGE Site Relaunch

In the past week I’ve re-launched It’s now in a form that works more consistently across all browsers, and you can actually login and upload files consistently. Hooray! And then the bug reports started coming in. (Which is to be expected and respected.) I’ve blown through 30 revisions since the launch crushing bugs, and […]

vrpg beta work continues…

I’ve mainly been dealing with code concerning the files section.  I’ve improved the quality of the upload process, corrected the file lineage graph and made strides towards a saner system, have made it so you can comment upon file entries, and made it so anyone can upload screenshots of any file. Also I made an […]