on the first light of the sixth day, at dawn look to the east…

I am back.  The hands on the ol’ gruedorf aggregator say I’m 6 days and nearly 17 hours late. Whoops. Let’s commemorate my return with a little project centered around the reason for my delinquency! Girlfriend-kissing Countdown Google Gadget! Today’s bundle of joy is a Google Gadget that counts down the seconds until the next […]

Clocks and Art.

  Arting! To the left you will find animated versions of the main character from Rusty Larner and my Sokoban clone for the iPhone. This is heavily, amazingly, tremendously inspired by a 16×16 sprite named “bobo” made by Jon “evilbob” Wofford back in the early v3 days. I gained his permission to derive a work […]

The economicist in me.

Why are “widgets” called “widgets”? Really? That’s rhetorical, don’t answer that.  This weekend my main task was the creation of this Yahoo! Widget, showing the current 10 competitors in the gruedorf competition.  I’d’ve posted on Sunday, but I was hoping it’d be actually reviewed and accepted into the Yahoo! Widgets Gallery, but apparently they’re at […]