Boot Camp Woes

A few weeks ago I installed Boot Camp on my 13″ Macbook Pro. This was mainly to enjoy Civilization 5 while on vacation.

What ensued was 10+ hours of hell. Here are the high points:

  • You need the matching Macbook Pro OS X Install DVD to the hardware version you have. This is very frustrating because I had my girlfriend’s previous-generation 13″ Macbook Pro disc, but couldn’t find my own.
  • Apple is retarded for not putting Bootcamp files on their website downloadable by all.
  • the 13″ macbook pro didnt have a working sound jack even after running bootcamp. The sound drivers are at

The fun part is that my next-door neighbor had borrowed my Macbook Pro’s Install Disc a day or two before (nobody informed me). He’d done it to make a master image to avoid just this sort of hell. He was very sorry when he found out my plight. ;(

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