Unilateral Binding Declaration on the Content and Character of 2011


Following is a unilateral binding declaration on the content and character of 2011, hereafter referred to as the “New Year”.

Whereas 2010 was a pretty good year, marked by personal and professional growth,

Whereas moving to two blocks away from work has yielded a large amount of time and mental energy,

Whereas the conference SIGGRAPH was attended by self for the first time,

Whereas hobbies in 2010 were particularly fruitful, with photography becoming part of my job,

Whereas several ambitious and productive professional projects were undertaken, including learning Houdini, teaching the Linear Workflow, and learning and teaching Arnold,

Be it acknowledged that 2010 is a tough act to follow.

Notwithstanding, the content and character of the New Year will adhere to the following.

Article 1: Whereas my photography skills have gotten pretty freaking good,

Whereas 1x is the best photography on the web,

Whereas there are some photos on 1x that sort of suck, notwithstanding that those are few and far between,

Be it hereby resolved that in the Near Year 2011 a photo authored by self will be published on 1x.

Article 2: Whereas the Linear Workflow has already been nearly universally adopted at work,

Whereas a second Linear Lecture is already planned for early in the New Year,

Whereas AO is still overused and RGB Light passes are still useless and slow to render,

Whereas the alternative is universally and unambiguously better,

Whereas the advantages of using a LUT workflow have been explained and demonstrated,

Whereas this workflow has not been implemented on any projects since despite interest in it,

Be it hereby resolved that the New Year will see another marked improvement in our lighting and rendering processes.

Article 3: Whereas all but the very best television programs are a total waste of time,

Whereas time is the stuff life is made of,

Whereas time saved is an effective increase of life,

Whereas many of the remaining programs I follow are far past their prime and are no longer worth watching,

Be it hereby resolved the number of TV shows followed in the New Year will see another precipitous decline.

Article 4: Whereas Moore’s law makes it inevitable that Unbiased Stochastic Path Tracing is future of 3D rendering,

Whereas Arnold is the most capable unbiased Path Tracer currently available,

Whereas there is a conspicuous dearth of Arnold shaders,

Whereas Arnold is still fairly exclusive and I have access,

Whereas I have been learning linear algebra but possess little if any calculus,

Whereas I have no programming skills to speak of beyond scripting,

Be it hereby resolved in 2011 I will acquire the prerequisite math and programming knowledge sufficient to write an Arnold shader used in production.

Article 5: Whereas coming in late all the time is a needless drag on the perception of my professionalism,

Whereas I live two blocks away and on time is the extremely easy to achieve 10:30 AM and nobody has a problem with any time before eleven,

Be it hereby resolved I’ll get to fucking work on time because not doing so is just throwing a trivially easy advantage out of the window.

Article 6: Whereas I’ve played Poker successfully and enjoyably in the past,

Whereas it turns out there’s a weekly game at work for a few months now that I somehow didn’t even know about,

Whereas I don’t partake in enough social activities especially ones with coworkers as my lack of knowledge of this weekly game indicates,

Be it hereby resolved that I will take part in more social activities with coworkers in 2011, starting with the weekly Poker game.

Article 7: Whereas I’m almost fucking thirty,

Whereas there exists no important difference between the age of twenty-seven and the age of thirty,

Whereas the final quarter of 2011 will be spent as a twenty-eight year old of which this is even more true,

Whereas denial is not a solution to any problem,

Be it hereby resolved that I shall no longer regard myself a twenty-something, and there are optimistically thirty productive years left and not much more life than that, and so there is no time to waste.

Article 8: Whereas some personal shit I’d rather not get into,

Whereas I’m not convinced these are all bad things about myself,

Be it resolved that some other shit I’d rather not get into.

Article 9: Whereas some boring financial shit,

Whereas the amount I suck at this is actually quite unreasonable,

Whereas being irresponsible here is probably more expensive to me than anything else I do,

Whereas mental energy is a limited resource too so not being totally on top of this shit isn’t entirely unwarranted, notwithstanding that it’s really quite unreasonably bad though,

Be it resolved that I won’t be quite as awful in this category.

We the undersigned do affirm the New Year is required to come into full compliance with all nine articles no later than December 31st, 2011.


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