Beta Testing

I was in the middle of writing a big post on my 7-year-long involvement with the upcoming indie RPG Dungeons of Dredmor by Gaslamp Games…but then my browser crashed and wordpress doesn’t save drafts as you write them like everything by google does.

Screw you, wordpress.

I’ll put the history post in later.

Anyways: for this week’s Gruedorf I’ve been beta-testing a lot.

A lot.

This is actually work-ish, but I am enjoying the game. I’m also filing a lot of bugs and making vaguely Executive Producerish suggestions like “screw balance, it was more fun when you got cool shit faster, and it didn’t make it easier per se.”

Yeah, I say balance is for losers. I just wanna feel like a badass when I play games.

And so do you.

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