Gruedorf II: the Gruedorfening

Once upon a time, there was a competition between two folk.

“I would like to make a video game, but I am SOOOOO busy,” said folk one.

“I know! Me too! and also I’m better than you,” said folk two.

And so a grand fight started. Each agreed to post progress about their game once every seven days on a blog, and if they didn’t, they would lose.

And one couldn’t win.

Those two folk, one “Grue” and one “Dorf” have been losing for quite a while now.

But a gauntlet has been thrown and the mantle has been raised once more. The mantle of maybe sucking a little less!


I’ve worked on Sully: A Very Serious RPG this week!

I’ve designed all of the Dungeon of Love levels!

Look, here’s the images:

Okay, 7 days until I lose!

2 thoughts on “Gruedorf II: the Gruedorfening”

  1. You have shocked me to my very core… I must set up RSS to respond to this challenge!

    There is plenty to do to prepare Paint Composer for launch but I must blog about it so I don’t lose!

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