The Naval gays

(If it was not a parent already this entire blog post was done via voice to text recognition .)

( except for formatting)

several years ago my friend Timothy fritz created a blog Pact: our mission to make a blog post 1 today and or die trying.

Many of us tried and failed and died in Maryland.

But this packs had mini fridge for uses including the creation of the continues to play with movement and intermittent test and I believe my previous job!

Joe Maphis won the previous bog packed because he lasted the longest.

But now around 2 has started, and the requirements are simpler you only have to make 1 post a week!

That’s 170 obligation Ill take 1,000,000 years before the wind dies!

So I rejoined blog packed: I will make 1 post a week, and it will be super crate.

I am 10 /2/ to divide my posts maybe between RPG design and JavaScript Siri.

Ben Drew

PSI think voice recognition has some ways to go

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