Some Ursa Screens

Ursa continues apace. I grabbed some art from the internets and made a mockup of some discovery screen stuff (It looks better animated.)

And, in general, the spikes are looking neat! Here is something that Ustor should be posting so he doesn’t lose at gruedorf, because he got this part working:


Largely my gruedorfian work has been relegated to finishing up the server port. vrpg files are still inaccessible, but I just resized the box to actually have enough RAM to do things.

A marked increase in speed should be noticeable.


Things done this week:

Set up a new server:

Playtested 50+ hours of Dungeons of Dredmor, which is now available on steam for $5!

I moved gruedorf itself to!

I installed Nagios and am slowly leveling up my admin abilities.

Things in progress:
* Moving all of the old SVNs on to github.
* fixing vrpg logins
* fixing vrpg file downloads
* instaling nagios’s mysql monitoring
* setting up an external nagios server to watch over my wee cluster

A lapse?!

Crap, things have been busy folks. Been getting ready to leave my old job and start a new one.

A new one where I have it in writing that they don’t have any interest in any game-related side-project I ever work on! ;D

Anyways: This week’s gruedorfing activities include working on a refurbished (not yet launched), and starting a Hello World for android.

(Oh, I got a Sensation 4G, and so am incentivized to put games upon it.)


The boys at Gaslamp Games just cut a gold of Dredmor tonight.

I’m safe in saying that I identified at least one major hole (item dupe), and helped sort out any number of annoying issues alongside all of the other testers in #dredmor.

Ustor and I have been continuing to augment the Achievements list as we play. Here’s some samples:
Yer a Wizard, ‘Arry! – Master the Magic Training Skill Tree – Winner of The Tom Marvolo Riddle Award for Excellent Scholastic Achievement
Tastes Like Pennies – Master the Blood Mage Skill Tree
Gettin’ Ley’d – Master the Ley Walker Skill Tree

(No promises on final names or actual achievements there.)